BPM & Workflow

  • Media Oasis offers rich experience and deep expertise in Business Process Management (BPM) technology. BPM, the enabler of business agility in today’s world, offers process automation and optimization as a form of technology-enabled continuous improvement. With BPM, your business is as good as your processes are, determining your edge over your competitors.


    As experts, we can provide you the following services:

    - Process definition and design

    - Process routing rules design

    - Build and customize user interfaces

    - Design Business Input – Output documents (word, pdf etc…) of your process.

    - User management to match your own organization.

    - Custom KPI & Dashboards to analyse your performance -

    - Training to your Key Users

    - System Support Plan with SLA (for process implemented by our team only

    - System Design knowledge transfer for new developments (ex: simple process, new user interface, new etc…).