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اشتري الان واحصل على 70 % تخفيض

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Building your online store in

If you simply don’t have the time or the know how to build your own store from scratch then you can build your online store using 4udear , storefront template design with selection of logo to start your business in a professional way.

You’ll get professional e-store And you can edit store look and feel.

Your e-store is pre-built webpage’s with graphics and layouts already in place. And with pre-built design already done. You don’t have to design anything. All you’ll have to do is insert image, copy and paste product text, edit links and save that page as the product name for that page.

We will design logo for you e-store and build 20 marketing posters and do the marketing campaign and the hashtag of your store in twitter to make sure millions of customers saw your brand and store which helps you get the revenue and make profit.

Our package also include buttons, logo, headers and graphic icons to give you a complete and professional e-store design.

Get Complete eCommerce Solutions

Store Logo

Open your e-store

Get marketing campaign

We campaign for you on Twitter

We design 20 banner for your

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فقط ب 2400 ريال لاغير

السعر قبل التخفيض 8,000 ريال
السعر بعد التخفيض 2,400 ريال فقط

نحننبنيلكمتجرك وسلة المشتريات عبر اإلنترنت داخل منصة فوريودير

إذا لم يكن لديك ببساطة الوقت أو معرفة كيفية بناء موقع الويب الخاص بك من الصفر ولم يكنلديك الوقت لبناء شعار لمتجرك ولم تكن تعرف كيف تطلق هاشتاق خاص بمتجرك على التويتر ووتحتاج لتعلم كيف تضيف المنتجات ، فيمكننا ان نبني متجرك عبر فوريودير

ستجد طريقتنا في البناء احترافية لالختيار وسنعطيك متجرا داخل سوق متفاعل و نشيط ونبني واجهة مغرية و 3 بوسترات تحتوي على شعارك وخدماتك بشكل احترافي وننشر متجرك ليصل من يشاهده على تويتر 500 الف مشاهدة مع اطالق هاشتاق ليراك ماليين الزبائن

فوريودير هوسوقمفتوحمسبق بالفعل. وبه القوالب ا ً المبنية مسبق لبناء سوقالكتروني، و ليس عليك تصميم أي شيء. كل ما عليك القيام به هو إدراج صورة ونسخ ولصق نص المنتجات التي ترغب بتسويقها داخل المتجر الذي نفتحه لك

منcom.4udear سنطلق متجرك ونسوق له ونطلق له هاشتاق على التويتر ليصبح اسمك مشهورا. ونتيجة ً لذلك ، سيكونلديكمتجرحقيقيله متابعينومشاهدينمما يوفرعليكالوقت والمال وبسعر م ا عقولجد .

ليس متجر ولكن حل كامل


نفتح لك متجرك الالكتروني

نطلق حملة هاشتاق

نقوم لك بحملة ترويجية على التويتر

و نصمم لك 20 بوستر

اشتري الآن


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Our Core Solutions

Mobile Applications

We create Professional and elegant Mobile Applications using the latest modern designs and the best development methodologies. Our goal is to bring to life an easy to use apps that work effectively on the latest versions of Android and IOS in addition to other platforms.

Enterprise Web Solutions

We represent your business with a great looking website that based on the recent technologies including creative design, building dynamic website, responsive that adapt automatically to the different devices. The websites that we produce support multilingual to target your different language speakers audience.

Enterprise Social Networking

Our premier enterprise social networking platform that connects people to the knowledge, ideas and resources they need to work more effectively. Our solution provides tools for task management, document sharing, and time tracking integrated for maximum efficiency of communications and work.


Our eCommerce solution enable retailers to manage business transaction smoothly. At Media Oasis, we create a customized solution to meet all your ecommerce needs. From your own individualized design to set up of your merchant account to search engine marketing,


Media Oasis is an organization that specializes in developing and deploying solutions in education, non-proöt and for proöt entities. We are a provider of systems and solutions to the education, training and learning markets

ERP Solutions

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is business management software—usually a suite of integrated applications—that a company can use to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities

Our Services

Website Design & Customization


Digital Marketing & Consulting


Project Management Consultation


Website Maintenance & Support



You just pay us once and get licenses for the code for lifetime for your Brand / Domain.


( Single Domain/Brand)

Your Technical manager will be available all round the clock for after Sales Support.


(24 X 7 X 365 Days)

If your changes and enhancements are minor, we'll be happy to code them for FREE


(Free and Paid)

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    اشتري الان واحصل على 70 % تخفيض
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